How do I get involved?


Bridlemile's success has been built on the efforts of our amazing teaching staff and community. The more everyone is involved the more we can continue to deliver treasured learning experiences for our children. Here are the steps to get involved: 


Do I need a background check? 


New Volunteers: If you’re even the slightest bit interested in volunteering, please go to this link to start the background check process: It can take a few weeks for the background check to be completed, so start the process early! You’ll want this taken care of when that perfect opportunity to volunteer presents itself. 

Note that the security office will notify you, not the school, when your background check is complete. Please stop by the office the first time you come in to volunteer and let them know you need a volunteer badge.

Seasoned Volunteers: Remember that background checks are only good for three years. Please verify whether you need to renew this year or not as soon as you can.


How do I get started?

Make sure you have completed a background check and that it’s still current (they are only good for three years). 

Attend the New Volunteer, Committee Chair and Room Parent Orientation on Thursday, September 6th at 8:05 am in the cafeteria.

See the current opportunities listed below and reach out to the coordinator, Mona Rogers (, if you’re interested.

Sign up to volunteer through links provided by Room Parents and Event Leads as the year gets going.


Who chairs the various committees? 

All the activities that happen are chaired by specific person in charge on making the activity a success. Here is the list (feel free to get in touch):

5th Grade Transition: Jen Moylan / Kristin Cornuelle

All Access Pass: Christie Doerr

Apparel: Emily Roach

Bike Fest: Ted Savage (Need Shadow)

Charleston Wrap: Christie Doerr (Need Shadow)

Chinook Book: Heather Keeling

Clothes Closet: Sara Dorst

Disaster/Earthquake Preparedness: Frederik Rosquvist

Field Day: Mona Rogers

Food Pantry: Mona Rogers/Robyn Hartmeyer

Food Services/Nutrition Services: Kristin Cornuelle

Freaky Friday: Amber Barratt / Mariah Fairben

Garden Committee: Rich Hatfield / Shelley Hamilton

Harvest Fair: Lindsay Warner / Susie Jones

Halloween Dance: Monika Johnson / Kristin Peschka

Kindergarten Welcome: Jen Moylan, Carynne Drake, Marisa Bursett

Library: Leslie Gillis

Library-OBOB: Kelly Gillespie

Mazama Lodge: Susie Jones

Middle School Advocates: Kendra Wise (R. Gray) / Katie McGuire (W. Sylvan)

Music Program Decorations: Monika Johnson / Carynne Drake / Sarah Porter

Missoula Theater: Monika Johnson

Passport Club: Riikka Marr / Brynn Black

Restaurants: Katie McGuire (Need Shadow)

Run For The Arts: Mona Rogers

Scholastic Book Fair: Ann Hoffman (Need Shadow)

School Directory: Leslie Gillis

School Supplies: Janine Partovi (Need Shadow)

School Pictures: Emily Breuer

Science Night: Jen Whitten (Need Shadow)

See's Candies: Heather Keeling

Special Education: Kristin Cornuelle

Used Book Sale: Kelly Gillespie

Technology: Josh Barratt