You can now pay online!

The PTA is launching a new way to pay and donate online. We're working with a company called "Cheddar Up" to provide one stop shopping for all the PTA events and fundraisers. Just click the button for the type of item you'd like to pay for, and you'll be taken to the Cheddar Up site to check out. If you're looking to donate to the Foundation, please visit the Foundation Donation Page.


PTA Membership and School Directory

PTA Membership & School Directory

You can become a member of the Parent Teacher Association by making a $10 donation. 

You can also sign up for the school directory from this link as well.


Personalized Paver

Leave a visible reminder by honoring your students, celebrating family and staff who contributed to the rich history of this wonderful school. As part of the new learning garden, 12” by 12” personalized commemorative pavers are available for purchase. The pavers purchased will create a learning plaza that ensures accessibility for all students to participate and learn in the garden. The accessible plaza will be located southeast of the sidewalk between the stairs and front door of the school.


Bridlemile Apparel


You can now conveniently order Bridlemile clothing right from the site! Check out the Apparel Page for more information.


General Fund Donation

General Fund Donation

If you would like to make an additional donation beyond your membership, we have created a general fund. Please contribute your preferred amount. 


Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club is a way for the library to increase its collection of books while celebrating your child's birthday.

Students donate $15 and then select a brand new book from the birthday book club collection in the library.