Bridlemile PTA & Bridlemile Foundation

Who makes up the PTA and Foundation?

Bridlemile Parent Teacher Association

Bridlemile PTA is a group of parents that work with the school staff and teachers to provide financial and volunteer support.  Bridlemile is an amazing school, and we need parents and volunteers to help make it even better! 

The Bridlemile PTA is made up of the following volunteers:

President: Kristin Cornuelle

President Elect: Jen Moylan

Secretary: Nikki Desmond

Technology: JC Garay

VP Fundraising: Christie Doerr

VP Programming: Katie McGuire & Lindsay Warner

Treasurer: Kendra Wise

Assistant Treasurer: Ryan Bass

Volunteer Coordinator: Jada Livingston

Room Parent Coordinator: Mona Rogers

Sustainability Chair: Deedra Weill

Membership: Monika Johnson

Member at Large: Kristin Peschka

Past President Emeritus: Janine Partovi



Bridlemile Foundation

The Bridlemile Foundation is a not-for-profit fundraising organization dedicated to maintaining Bridlemile’s ability to provide an excellent elementary education for its students.

The Bridlemile Foundation raises funds from families and community partners to provide resources to the school to increase staffing in order to enrich learning and preserve a comprehensive educational experience.

The Bridlemile Foundation is made up of the following volunteers:

President: Brad Nelson

Vice President: Tim Hartley

Treasurer: Barbra Littrel

Secretary:  Jen Moylan


  • Marc Albers
  • Joe Boyles
  • JC Garay
  • Heather Keeling
  • Paula O'neil
  • Mona Rogers
  • Kate Touminen
  • Robin Warner